Optimization and Formulation of Orodispersible Tablets of Meloxicam

  • J Singh
  • R Singh
Keywords: Meloxicam, Orodispersion, Crosspovidone, Mannitol, Factorial design, Tablet properties.


Purpose: The objective of this study was to formulate and optimize an orodispersible formulation of meloxicam using a 22 factorial design for enhanced bioavailability.
Methods: The tablets were made by non-aqueous wet granulation using crospovidone and mannitol. A 22 factorial design was used to investigate the amount of crospovidone and taste masking, soothening hydrophilic agent (mannitol), as independent variables, and disintegration time as dependent response. Formulated orodispersible tablets were evaluated
for weight variation, friability, disintegration time, drug content, wetting time, water absorption ratio and in vitro drug release.
Results: The results show that the presence of a superdisintegrant and mannitol is desirable for orodispersion. All the formulations satisfied the limits of orodispersion with a dispersion time of less than 60 sec. For example, formulation F4 showed a disintegration time of 32.1
sec, crushing strength of 4.93 kg/cm2, drug content of 98.5% and fast drug release rate of 99.5% within 30 min, as compared with the conventional tablet (49.5%) .
Conclusion: It is feasible to formulate orodispersible tablets of meloxican with acceptable disintegration time, rapid drug release and good hardness, which could be amenable to replication on an industrial scale.

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