Review Article: Current Knowledge on Microarray Technology - An Overview

  • CN Naidu
  • Y Suneetha
Keywords: Microarray, Databases, cDNA array, Oligonucleotide array


The completion of whole genome sequencing projects has led to a rapid increase in the availability of genetic information. In the field of transcriptomics, the emergence of microarray-based technologies and the design of DNA biochips allow high-throughput studies of RNA expression in cell and tissue at a given moment. It has emerged as one of the most important technology in the field of molecular biology and transcriptomics. Arrays of oligonucleotide or DNA sequences are being used for genome-wide genotyping and expression profiling, and several potential clinical applications have begun to emerge as our understanding of these techniques and the data they generate improves. From its emergence to date, several database, software and technology updates have been developed in the field of microarray technology. This paper reviews basics and updates of each microarray technology and serves to introduce newly compiled resources that will provide specialist information in this area.

Keywords: Microarray, Databases, cDNA array, Oligonucleotide array


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eISSN: 1596-9827
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