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Effect of Bridelia ferruginea (Euphorbiaceae) Leaf Extract on Sucrose-induced Glucose Intolerance in Rats

D Njamen, BN Nkeh-Chungag, E Tsala, ZT Fomum, JC Mbanya, GF Ngufor


Purpose: To evaluate the hypoglycaemic effect of the methanol extract of Bridelia ferruginea leaves (MEBF) on sucrose-induced glucose intolerance in rats.
Methods: Male Wistar rats, aged 6 - 7 weeks and weighing 140 - 160 g, were used. The animals were fed standard rat chow supplemented with 35%, 50% or 65% sucrose for 8 weeks while control animals were fed standard rat chow. The hypoglycaemic effect of MEBF and the reference drugs (tolbutamide, and metformin) in the animals were evaluated following a single dose of these drugs and 6-day treatment. Plasma lipid profiles were also determined.
Results: Fasting glucose concentrations ranged from 45 to 70 mg/dl, and the increase was significant in the sucrose diet groups from week 1. After 2 weeks on these diets, oral glucose tolerance test showed that sucrose feeding significantly impaired glucose homeostasis 1 and 2 hours after a glucose challenge (76.7 „b 2.0 versus 86.4 „b 8.5 and 66.7 „b 1.4 versus 75.5 „b 3.0, respectively). Fasting blood sugar levels were significantly (p < 0.05) reduced in sucrose-induced, glucose-intolerant rats after a single
dose of MEBF. The extract also significantly reduced blood glucose (from 167 ¡Ó 23 mg/dL to 126 ¡Ó 5 mg/dL), serum total cholesterol (from 161 ¡Ó 20 mg/dL to 93 ¡Ó 10 mg/dL) and triglyceride levels (281 ¡Ó 25
mg/dL to 228 ¡Ó 5 mg/dL) in glucose intolerant rats after 6 days of treatment.
Conclusion: The methanol leaf extract of Bridelia ferruginea exhibited hypoglycaemic effect in glucoseintolerant rats.
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