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Relaxant Activity of the Methanol Extract of Acanthus Montanus (Nees) T Anderson (Acanthaceae) on Isolated Guinea Pig Trachea

OO Adeyemi, UO Mgbeokwere, SO Okpo


Purpose: To evaluate the effects of the methanol extract of Acanthus montanus on guinea pig trachealis muscle.
Methods: Guinea pig tracheae were set up in 10 ml organ baths. The effect of the methanol extract of Acanthus montanus (0.5 - 8 mg/ml) on the spontaneous tone of the trachea and carbacholprecontracted trachea in the absence and presence of propranolol, glibenclamide and procaine was
Results: The extract (0.5 ¡V 8.0 mg/ml) produced a concentration-dependent relaxation of the intrinsic tone in tracheal preparations which was completely blocked by propranolol (3 x 10-7 M), glibenclamide
(10-7 M) and procaine (10-3 M). The extract (0.5 - 8 mg/ml) produced a concentration-dependent relaxation of carbachol (10-5M)-precontracted trachea. This effect of the extract was partially blocked by propranolol (3 x 10-7M), procaine (10-3M) and glibenclamide (10-7M) with a progressive increase in the median effective concentration (EC50) values as follows: control, 0.66mg/ml > propranolol, 1.42mg/ml > glibenclamide, 1.54mg/ml > procaine, 2.04 mg/ml.
Conclusion: The results obtained suggest that the extract produces a non-specific smooth muscle relaxant effect mediated via ƒÒ-adrenergic receptor mechanism or potassium channels.

Keywords: Acanthus montanus, Trachea, Carbachol, Potassium channels, Propranolol, Glibenclamide, Procaine.
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