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Caesarean Risk Factors in Northern Region of Bangladesh: A Statistical Analysis

M Rahman, AA Shariff, A Shafie


Purpose: To explore the measurement of a scale of caesarean (C-section) risk factors and degree of risk contribution in different health facilities and to determine a suitable graphical representation (image) of caesarean cases.
Methods: Based on seventeen indicators, a composite index was computed for each respondent and classified into three groups using Beta distribution of first kind. For the analysis of contribution of risk factors between private and public patients, principal component analysis (PCA) was also used. An attempt was made to visualise a suitable graphical representation of caesarean cases by independent component analysis (ICA).
Results: The selected risk factors were more contributory to public hospital patients than to those in private hospitals on the basis of higher estimated value of range (R = 0.134) but a higher proportion of C-section occurred in private (93.4 %) than in public hospitals (30.3 %). On the other hand, PCA
showed that the contribution of selected risk factors accounts for approximately 60.0 % and 68.5 % in private and public hospitals, respectively. Furthermore, from the various graphical representation, the
numbers of private patients were more interlinked by ICA but not of the other graphical representations of PCA.
Conclusion: We had expected the rate of C-section would be higher among public hospital patients than private hospital patients but the results obtained indicate the reverse. It seems that the combination of the propensity of private practice doctors to carry out C-section and the financial benefits on the part of private hospitals may be contributory factors to the caesarean section rates in private health facilities.

Keywords: Caesarean risk factors, Composite index, Principal component analysis (PCA), Independent component analysis (ICA).
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