Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

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Poly(ethylene oxide)–Poly(propylene oxide)-Based Copolymers for Transdermal Drug Delivery: An Overview

EA Yapar, Ö Ýnal


Amphiphilic poly(ethylene oxide)–poly(propylene oxide) (PEO–PPO)-based copolymers are thermoresponsive materials having aggregation properties in aqueous medium. As hydrosolubilizers of poorly water-soluble drugs and improved stability of sensitive agents, these materials have been investigated for improvement in solubility, stability, release and bioavailability of drugs. The goal of the present review is to summarize the properties of PEO–PPO based copolymers and highlight the works that have been carried out on these materials for transdermal drug delivery.

Keywords: PEO–PPO based copolymer, Poloxamer, Hydrogel, Transdermal, Drug delivery.
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