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Comparative Clinical Study on the Effectiveness of Homeopathic Combination Remedy with Standard Maintenance Therapy for Dengue Fever

S Saeed-ul-Hassan, I Tariq, A Khalid, S Karim


Purpose: To investigate the effectiveness of homeopathic combination remedy compared with standard maintenance therapy for the treatment of dengue fever.
Method: A total of 50 patients with dengue fever were divided into two equal groups. Group 1 was treated with homeopathic combination remedy for consecutive 6 days while standard maintenance therapy was similarly given to Group 2 patients. Their full blood count (FBC) including platelet count (PLT), white blood cell count (WBC) and hematocrit level (HCT) were recorded The parameters were monitored daily in order to determine between the two groups.
Results: Following the six-day homeopathic combination remedy, PLT count increased from (95.60 ± 0.04) x 103 to (311 ± 0.13) x 103/μL, and WBC from (79.5 ± 0.05) x 104 to (90.3 ± 0.02) x 104/μL. However, HCT decreased from 48.02 ± 6.70 to 42.32 ± 3.42 %. On the other hand, standard maintenance therapy increased PLT count from (73.44 ± 0.04) x 103 to (239.00 ± 0.04) x 103/μL and WBC from (53.50 ± 0.02) x 104 to (79.40 ± 0.02) x 104/μL, but decreased HCT from 42.30 ± 2.48 to 39.68 ± 4.35 %. A significant difference was seen in the PLT count, WBC and HCT level between the two therapies (p = 0.012, 0.003 and 0.021, respectively).
Conclusion: The homeopathic combination appeared to be a more potent treatment against dengue fever; however, further studies are required to demonstrate this clearly.

Keywords: Dengue, Hematocrit, Homeopathy, Platelet, Blood count.
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