Luteinized granulosa cell tumor in a seven year old female rottweiler

  • Temitope Ayisat Ajadi
  • Ifedolapo Tolulope Kayode-Adekoya
  • Olufunke Omowumi Adebayo
  • Lawrence Olusola Ajayi
  • Adeniyi Adekunle Adebiyi
Keywords: Dogs . Granulosa cell . Haematuria . Luteinized . Rottweiler . Tumors


A seven year old female Rottweiler dog was presented to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta with complaints of haematuria, anorexia and lethargy. Physical examination showed that the temperature, pulse and heart rates were within normal range while a mid-abdominal mass was detected on palpation. Urinalysis and urine microscopy revealed severe proteinuria, moderate glucosuria, severe hematuria as well as numerous red blood cells, pus cells and few epithelial cells. Renal function test showed severe renal azotemia with metabolic alkalosis. Trans-cutaneous abdominal ultrasound showed that both kidneys were enlarged with decreased medullary echogenicity, while the liver and spleen showed hyperechoic foci suggestive of metastasis. During laparotomy, the kidneys and ovaries were enlarged with metastatic foci to the liver and spleen. Based on the above findings, a confirmatory diagnosis of lutenized granulosa cell tumour was made. Due to evidence of metastasis in several organs, the dog was euthanized with owners consent with intravenous injection of thiopental sodium. Necropsy findings further confirmed the diagnosis. Neoplastic cells in the ovaries were polyhedral with foamy cytoplasm and round hyperchromatic nuclei resembling normal granulosa cells. Few callexner bodies were also observed. This case represents the non-functional form of luteinized granulosa cell tumor and should be differentiated from other causes of haematuria in dogs.


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eISSN: 0794-4845