Gonadosomatic index, epididymal mass index and haematology of male Wistar rat treated with carrot juice

  • Matthew Olugbenga Oyeyemi
  • Comfort Titilayo Ajuwon
Keywords: Carrot juice; Epididymal mass index; Gonadosomatic index; Wistar rats; Spermatozoa


This study investigated the haematology, Gonadosomatic Index (GSI) and Epididymal Mass Index (EMI) of male Wistar rats treated with carrot juice. Carrot has been evaluated for a wide spectrum of activities including; wound healing, gastroprotective effect, Hepatoprotective effects against carbon tetrachloride intoxication in mouse liver cells. Morphometric analysis on the testis of any species or breed is necessary for assessing and estimating quantitative changes in testicular component and spermatogenic functions arising from factors such as age, season, temperature and diseases. Nutrition has some influence on testicular parameters and gonadal sperm reserves. Thirty-five (35) albino rats (Wistar strain) were used for this study. They were grouped into three: group A (treated with 4.08g of carrot juice), group B (treated with 8.16g) and group C (control) and were treated for 7 days. Blood and semen samples were collected on day 1, day 8, and day 15. The result revealed a significant increase in GSI and EMI for group B when compared to group A and group C this increase was due to an increase in the dose of the juice given to group B animals. There was also an increase in lymphocytes for the treatment group on day 1 post-treatment. In conclusion, carrot juice works more effectively after treatment with 8.16g/ kg body weight to improve male reproductive potentials thus found to be more effective to improve spermatogenesis or Gonadosomatic Index and Epididymal Mass Index


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0794-4845