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Assessment of Quality Characteristics of Cellulose, Sheep and Goat Casings as Sausage Containers

S.S. Abiola, O.S. Sangodoyin, E.A. Okewole


Small intestines of 12 West African Dwarf (WAD) sheep and those of 12 Red Sokoto goats obtained from an abattoir were converted into casings. The imported cellulose casing used for the study was obtained from a sausage manufacturing company. Cellulose casing had the widest diameter of 35.00mm followed by 18.83mm for the sheep casing and 16.67mm for goat casing. Cellulose casing is also superior in thickness to both sheep and goat casings. Refrigeration and cooking losses were higher for sheep  and goat casings than cellulose casing. Lowest refrigeration and cooking losses of 8.79% and 0.91% were recorded respectively in cellulose casing. However, sheep casing is superior to goat casing in linear measurement and also has lower cooking loss compared to goat casing. Sheep casing is recommended as substitute to imported cellulose casing for stuffing sausages produced in Nigeria.

Keyword: Quality, casings, sausage containers.

Trop. Vet. Vol. 21 (2) 49-53 (2003)
AJOL African Journals Online