Tropical Veterinarian

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Canine distemper associated with generalized oedema in Nigerian dogs

MCO Ezeibe, OC Anyalewechi


Twenty puppies of Nigeria local breed of dogs which were experimentally infected with a local isolate of canine distemper virus manifested clinical signs known for the disease including anorexia, ocular discharges, postular dermatitis on the lower abdomen and diarrhoea. In addition, they also manifested generalized oedema. At post mortem examination, one of the two puppies had strips of haemorrages (zebra marks) at the illio-colic junction. Histopathologic examination of tissues (skin, brain, lungs, liver, kidney, stomach and intestines) confirmed the diagnosis of Canine distemper. Generally oedema appears to be an uncommon feature of Canine distemper in dogs.

Keywords: canine distemper, dogs, oedema

Tropical Veterinarian Vol. 22(2) 2004: 53-56
AJOL African Journals Online