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Emergence of caprine arthritis-encephalitis in Tanzania: Challenges to importation and exportation of dairy goats

RA Max, EN Kimbita, AA Kassuku, LO Eik, N Leine, MJ Ulvund


A serological survey for antibodies against caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus (CAEV) in dairy goats and their offspring imported from Norway was carried out in flocks located in Morogoro and Manyara regions of Tanzania. A total of 352 blood samples were collected and sent to a laboratory in Norway, where they were analysed for CAEV antibodies using an indirect ELISA technique. Only two animals (0.6 %) were positive whereas 12 goats (3.4 %) showed non-specific reactions. The two positive animals were traced back and culled whereas the non-specific cases were isolated for retesting. Despite a significant prevalence of CAEV in Norwegian goat herds, the flocks involved in this study were  virtually free from CAEV. In a move to establish specific disease-free flocks in
Tanzania, plans are underway to screen other flocks of imported dairy goat breeds for CAEV and other diseases of economic and public health importance.

Key words: dairy goats, CAEV, risk factors, control/eradication strategies

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