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The media, the reconstruction of drumming, and the tradition of the dùndún and the bàtá ensemble of the Yorùbá in South Western Nigeria

IA Adenike


This paper examines the impact of the technical media in the  reconstruction of Yorùbá traditional drum music, for example given by the unification of two important ensemble instruments in Yorùbá society. It  also calls to ‘revive’ the indigenous system of drumming beyond its  traditional setting, making it an issue of global consumption. The  preservation of the instrumental heritage of the Yorùbá people of South Western Nigeria needs to be discussed in its association with technical media. The Prodigal Ones by Mount Zion Films Production (and other drum music performance in films) shows the media enhancement of the  performance of the ensemble serving as accompaniment during a  traditional festival. The short scene allocated to a traditional festival reveals the significance of drumming and the input of the drum makers, who are generally not educated but are rich in ideas, knowledge and skills. Interviews show that the dùndún and bàtá ensemble today showcase a new image that is colourful. The wood for drum’s construction is now lighter than for the older ones.

Keywords: diffusion, dùndún and bàtá ensemble, media documentation, traditional drumming, Yorùbá traditional music.
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