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Wai Nengre: ’n verdere ondersoek na tendense in die letterkundes van drie voormalige Nederlandse kolonies

S van Wyk


Wai Nengre: Further research on tendencies in the literatures of three former Dutch colonies

This article expands on research that explores similar tendencies in the literatures of three former Dutch  colonies: the literature from the Dutch Antilles and Surinam and black Afrikaans writing emanating from South Africa. It commences with an overview of slavery in the Dutch colonial empire and its legacy which resulted in the establishment of a population that shares elements of Dutch language and culture. It proceeds with an analysis of similar tendencies in the development of those literatures, in particular the influence of Negritude and Black Consciousness and the representation of creole and hybrid identities. It concludes with an analysis of creolization as a further development in these literatures and possibilities for future research.

Keywords: Black Consciousness, creole, creolization, hybridity, Negritude.