Om tuis te gaan in styl: Territoriumskepping in Breyten Breytenbach se ’n Seisoen in die paradys (1976) en Dog Heart (1998)

  • WPP Anker
Keywords: Deleuze, Guattari, Breytenbach, refrain.


This article is a study of how Breyten Breytenbach deals with the idea of home in his autobiographical prose, how he experiences home and how he constructs it. Although I hope that the argument will serve to give a new perspective on any of Breytenbach’s texts that deal with questions about the nature of home and the construction thereof, I only refer to ’n Seisoen in Paradys (A Season in Paradise, 1976) and Dog Heart (1998). The article uses concepts of Deleuze and Guattari to show how Breytenbach writes his home, and especially how his constructions of a home in his self-writings are products of a certain style of writing

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