Enviromental adaptation and performance of various agroforestry tree species in Zimbabwe.

  • Ben H. Dzowela Project Leader, ICRAF-Zimbabwe Agroforestry Project, P O Box CY 594, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe


The experience of the ICRAF-Agroforestry project is drawn in this paper to identify adapted agroforestry trees for Zimbabwe conditions. From the experience with trees at Domboshawa and Makoholi, certain tree species have performed well in target technologies. A wide range of Leucaena species and provenances show potential for fodder bank technologies. These can now be considered as alternative species to the psyllid-prone L. leucocephala. Other non-Leucaena species include Acacia angustissima and Calliandra calothyrsus. Emphasis is placed on targeting these agroforestry tree species for specific functions and services.

Transactions of the Zimbabwe Scientific Association Volume 72 (Supplement) 1998, pp. 2-9

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eISSN: 0254-2765