Influence of molasses on the intake of browse by goats

  • J.W. Ng'ambi


Two 3 x 3 Latin square design experiments with twelve growing goats (small East African crosses) in each were used to examine the influence of molasses on the intake by goats of browse offered with a supplement. The first experiment examined the responses in voluntary intake when molasses was sprayed onto Cassia siamea leaves (0.04kg molasses per kg browse) as compared to when molasses and Cassia siamea leaves were offered simultaneously yet separately. Goats ate more Cassia siamea leaves (0.20kg OM per animal per day) when the leaves and molasses were mixed than when the leaves and molasses were offered separately (0.10kg OM per animal per day) (P<0.01). No differences in digestibility were observed between treatments (P>0.01). The overall effect of spraying molasses on the browse was that total daily diet digestible organic matter intake was increased from 0.37 to 0.46kg per animal, an increase of 24% (p<0.01).

The second experiment examined the response in voluntary intake of Sesbania sesban leaves by goats when the leaves were either sprayed with molasses or when the leaves and molasses were offered separately. The response was small and statistically not significant (P > 0.01). It is concluded that mixing Cassia siamea leaves with molasses increased the intake of the leaves by goats and this offers a practical method of increasing the feeding value of this browse.

UNISWA Jnl of Agric Vol 8 1999: pp 39-43


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eISSN: 1021-0873