Observations on the Composition, Physiological Condition and Fisheries in Erinle Lake, Osun State, Nigeria

  • OO Komolafe
  • GAO Arawomo


The level of fish production in Nigeria is far less than the current fish demand. The study, therefore, on fish composition and fishing activities in Erinle Lake is meant to suggest means of bridging the gap between fish supply and demand in the country. Fish samples were obtained from gill-net, cast net and traps. Ten families of fish comprising 19 species were identified, dominated by Cichlid fish (71%) largely made up of Sarotherodon galilaeus (42%). The sex-ratio of most fish in the lake tends to unity (1:1), suggesting reproductive stability. Condition factors are high for the fish species – an indication that they thrive well in the habitat. Key water quality parameters such as pH, DO, etc. were found to be favourable for survival and thriving of food for some fish species. Fishermen on the lake used 2.54 cm mesh size net contrary to 7.62 cm mesh size recommended in Sea Fishing Regulations of 1971, which is a supplement of Nigerian Sea Fisheries Decree (ACT) of 1971. As a result the lake had been exploited of fish resulting in a low and small size catches. It is recommended that the fisheries be closed during the peak spawning period to allow possible recovery. Also, strict monitoring control and surveillance of the lake is highly recommended, most especially in the use of unapproved fishing nets and methods.

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eISSN: 0855-4307