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Addressing Software Engineering Issues in Real-Time Software Development Environment

NC Anujeonye
OE Okonta
UR Wemembu
EE Imiere
A Fidelis


Real-time systems are normally deployed in a wide range of applications such as transportation systems, manufacturing process, process control, military, space exploration, and telecommunications. These systems must satisfy not only logical functional requirements but also physical properties such as  timeliness, Quality of Service and reliability. The cross-cutting behaviours imposed by these functional properties and dependencies on operational characteristics such as hardware, Operating System and firmware platforms that are used; have traditionally led to hard-to-code, hard-to-understand and hard-to-change software that are engineered. In this research paper we have identified few software engineering issues in the development of real time systems and provided brief description of each of those issues and strived to make serious effort to proffer creditable and functional solutions.

Key Words: Real time systems, logical functional requirements, Quality of Service, Reliability, software engineering issues

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print ISSN: 1116-5405