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Energy and water resources of Burkina Faso as catalyst for development

A E Kapustin, B Biyen, R A Kozlowsky, A A Alyoshin, E A Lunyov


This work is dedicated to the research conducted in Burkina Faso. The Research objectives were to study the energy situation, search for sources of water for the power plant and oil refinery. To operate the power plant and oil refinery, large amounts of water would be required. Water from open sources is a scarce resource and is not stable in Burkina Faso due to periods of drought. By average standards, but given the greater volatility, to feed the oil refinery and the power plant water cycle will requires about 0.3 m3 of water per 1 ton of crude oil per year; that is about 0.8 million m3 of water per year, or 100 m3/h. The only source of such water in Burkina Faso is the midstream of Mouhoun River. Information about underground layers of waterbearing capacity in the country is not available. It is therefore necessary to carry out the engineering and hydrological surveys on selected construction sites to power the refinery. The necessity of the construction of the reservoir on the river Mouhoun and the water treatment became inevitable.

Key words: Burkina Faso, energy, water, Mouhoun river

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