Biometric Enhancement of Home and Office Security to Reduce Assassinations in Nigeria

  • GE Ugwu
Keywords: Security, Authentication, Physiological, Facial, Enrollment,


Insecurity is posing national threat in Nigeria today. You do not know who your next door neighbor is, because of security challenges in the country. Indiscriminate killing of innocent people, kidnapping, fraud by unknown person is becoming a worrisome national problem. The question is how do we minimize this menace? Biometrics security technology uses the physiological and behavourial characteristics of a person to properly identify him and helps to tell the class of person he belongs based on the available data. Your fingerprint, face and iris can grant or deny you access if they are tampered with. Since nobody can be trusted, our motivation is to find a way to minimize killer syndrome, impersonation, terrorism attack and fraud by unknown persons. We used verification and authentication methodology to verify how facial screening explores the different aspects of the face structure and pattern of arrangement to implement a unique personal identification system. It measures the different components of the face structure, such as the nose position, the mouth, the distance of the left eye to right eye and the actual location of the eyes to the mouth, nose etc and stores the bio-information extracted from the face of every person that enrolls in a database. These form the basic identification data. Reduction of financial fraud, assassination and kidnapping is the outcome of the work system. It has minimized unauthorized access to confidential documents and impersonation.

Keywords: Security, Authentication, Physiological, Facial, Enrollment,


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