West African Journal of Industrial and Academic Research

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ICT in building construction: prospects and challenges in developing country

Veronica Nkechi Imakwu, Babatunde Bayodele Olofin


For century, humans have created structures but the American wonder which is technology, made what seems impossible possible. The traditional adobe buildings with thatched roof and mud block have been developed to the modern skyscraper. Today, a house can be built with insulation and can be inflated or deflated to adjust to outside temperature through technology. This paper looked into the roles of ICT in building design, innovations in building construction through modern technology and challenges facing the use of ICT in developing countries. Building construction demands a tacit coordination, collaboration, and communication among all stakeholders. Project team structures are complex and sometimes located at different places. It is only the adoption of ICT that can perform the “magic” of effective teamwork, just as the world is now a global village.

Keywords: Building, Construction, Globalisation,ICT, Team, Technology

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