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Thermo-feasibility optimization of multiple feed rate multicomponent distilation system

K.A. Adesina


Thermoexergetic rate profile, thermoexergetic-efficiency and thermoexergetic-destruction were used in combination with the view to determine the thermo-feasibility of multicomponent distillation system with multiple feed rate. Simulation was of a multicomponent distisllation system was carried out and the stage-by-stage system exergy analysis was carried out. Multiple feed rate base cases sensitivity results gave the most adequate and feasible thermo-exergetic rate profiles, efficiency ranges and destruction at the depropanizer and debutanizer. Overall system performance of multiple feed rate base case -30 oC design gave optimum overall system exergy destruction and efficiency. Multiple feed rate could ensure thermo-feasibility of the system and this can form basis for system performance and productivity improvement.

Keywords: Thermoexergetic-rate, thermo-feasibility, thermoexergetic-efficiency, thermoexergeticdestruction, multicomponent-distillation, multiple feed rate

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