Bridging Information and Communication Technology and Staff Professional Development: Case Study of Delta State Tertiary Institutions

  • POM Ojugo
  • CO Uwhubetine
  • IR Ojugo
Keywords: Constructivism, Rationale, informatics, productivity, meida literacy, lifelong


The reinvention of knowledge with the advent of computers is exponentially changing our life options as well as the kind of educational processes (teaching/learning) required for students to succeed in this new knowledge environment. To thrive therefore in such in a changing world where science and technology have made changes to the way we live and so forth, teachers and students alike must also try to learn and adapt to new ways to teach/learn, how to think and be creative as well as understand how these technologies works. With the advent of these new technology, our schools are populated today, with students who have better understanding of the performance capabilities of these information and communication technologies (ICT) than the many adult teachers charged with the duty to impact knowledge and teach them. Teachers are therefore faced with the formidable task of reinventing schools/classroom for a society and world transformed by ICT – because most of these children have grown with this technology as a natural part of their landscape. The forceful impact of technology which is related to the shift in power structures in schools alongside changing the teacher/student roles have brought about great widespread access to electronic information and knowledge. Keywords: Constructivism, Rationale, informatics, productivity, meida literacy, lifelong.

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print ISSN: 1116-5405