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Some Electrical Properties of Wild Mango Seed ad Mucuna (Flagellipes Sp) Seed At Different Temperature And Moisture Contents

MC Ndukwu
CU Orji
KO Nwabuisi


Electrical resistivity and conductivity of wild mango (irvingia gabonensis) seed and mucuna (flagellipes sp.) seed was determined at a temperature range of 20-500F and different moisture contents. The result showed fluctuations between minimum and maximum value at these range of temperature tested and at the same moisture content. Electrical resistivity of mucuna ranged between 9.51 x105 and 1.80 x106Ωm while that of wild mango ranged between 4.22 x105 and 5.63 x105 Ωm. Electrical conductivity of mucuna lies within 1.14 x10-6 and 1.46 x10-6 s/m, while for wild mango, it was 2.63 x10-6 and 3.05 x10-6 s/m. The increase and decrease in the values of the electrical resistivity and conductivity were inconsistent with the thickness and diameter of the products. Results showed that temperature and moisture contents had a more significant effect.

Keywords: receptivity, conductivity, temperature, moisture contents