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Deploying Content Management System to enhance State Governance

AI Otuonye, IA Udunwa


Governments across developing countries worldwide have the challenge and responsibility of bringing their nations at par with the developed nations. To face such challenges, governments can bring in e-governance reforms. E-governance offers a new way of helping to improve government processes, connect citizens, and build interactions with and within the civil society. The existing system is a semi-static government website with aesthetically attractive homepages, but very little content value. Most of these sites present only “public relations” materials aimed at promoting the image of the state and for tourist attraction. Many of the government
controlled websites are just moribund on the internet containing only outdated information. There is total absence of an integrated and interactive interface between government, businesses, and citizens where consultations can be made. There have been few attempts to solve these
problems using various means. Various web-based applications have been launched as a step towards efficiency in governance, but the technology of Content Management System (CMS) is yet to be tried. CMS provides a collection of procedures used to manage workflow in a collaborative environment and permits a full-site search engine. In this paper we have designed a new e-governance model that uses the tool of CMS to guarantee free flow of government information.

KEYWORDS: Content Management, E-governance, Model, Search engine, ICT.

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