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Task Number and Cognitive Complexity as Determinants of Difficulty Levels In Multiple – Choice Test Items

PMC Ogomaka, MC Nosike, AC Akukwe


In this study, the researchers sought to ascertain the simple and multiple linear relationships between any two and among three multiple-choice Mathematics test- item characteristics: facility indices (Z), cognitive levels (Y) and task numbers (X). The 70-itemed tests were administered on a random sample of 200 students drawn from 1200 SSSII students in four
schools. The reliability coefficient of the test was found using the Kuder-Richardson formula 20 is 0.76. The scores of the sample of students to the items and the three sets of characteristics were found. The estimates of correlation coefficients obtained are rZY = -0.60, rZX = -0.49, rXY=
0.71 and RZ.XY = 0.89. The three correlation coefficients is each significant (p < 0.05). Test constructors and users should include item task number and cognitive level in item analysis. These are testees or group of testees-independent and could be a bridge between CTT and IRT.

Keywords: CTT, IRT, MCT, task number, cognitive level, test item analysis

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