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Ultrasound Evaluation of Intima-Media Thickness of Carotid Arteries in Adults with Primary Hypertension at Ibadan, Nigeria

EO Umeh, AM Agunloye, AJ Adekanmi, AO Adeyinka


Background: Ultrasound measured Carotid Intima-Media Thickness (CIMT) is a simple and inexpensive tool for assessing the cumulative effects of hypertension on the carotid arterial walls. It is also an independent predictor of future myocardial infarctionand stroke risk.
Objectives: This study compared ultrasound measured CIMT in hypertensive adults with non-smoking normotensive controls. It also documented variations in CIMT with subjects’ age and sex.
Methodology: Hypertensives (120) of both sexes aged 18years and above were recruited from the Hypertension Clinic at University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan. Normotensive controls (120) were also recruited from the general public. The CIMT was measured on B- mode ultrasound using the technique of ‘Multiple Carotid Sites Measurement’
Results: Mean CIMT values were 0.756mm ± 0.130 and 0.751mm ± 0.129 for the hypertensive group and 0.638mm ± 0.088 and 0.670mm ± 0.107 for the control group on the left and right sides respectively (P=0.000). Higher CIMT values were noted among male hypertensive subjects (P=0.030). CIMT values also showed positive correlation with subjects’ age.
Conclusion: There was a significant difference in CIMT for hypertensives when compared with normotensives in the study area. CIMT also varies with subjects’ age and sex.

Keywords: Ultrasound,carotid, intima-media thickness, hypertension

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