Management of Ischaemic Stroke: The Role of the Neurosurgeon

  • B Ogungbo
  • D Okor
  • FI Ojini
Keywords: Neurosurgeon, Ischaemic stroke, Surgical management, Nigeria


BACKGROUND: Neurosurgeons are often not involved in the management of patients with stroke in Nigeria.
OBJECTIVE: To discuss the role of neurosurgeons in the management of ischaemic stroke.
METHODS: We looked at the contributions that a neurosurgeon may be able to make in the care of the patient with an ischaemic stroke. The emphasis was on preventive and curative interventions in the surgical armamentarium of the neurosurgeon that could be of benefit to the patient.
RESULTS: We presented some scenarios in patients with ischemic stroke that may require the assistance of a neurosurgeon. The article explored the role of preventive and definitive surgery in reducing morbidity and mortality in
ischaemic stroke patients.
CONCLUSION: There is a role for the neurosurgeon in the management of patients with ischaemic stroke. It is important that patients who might benefit from neurosurgical intervention are referred early for neurosurgical evaluation.

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eISSN: 0189-160X