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Clinical and Biochemical Features of Type 2 Diabetic Patients in Gaza Governorate, Gaza Strip

MM Yassin, HI Altibi, AE El Shanti


BACKGROUND: Diabetes is a multifactorial disease characterized by severalmetabolic disorders. Its prevalence rate in Gaza Strip is alarming. OBJECTIVE: To describe the clinical and biochemical features of patients with Type 2 diabetes in Gaza Governorate. METHODS: Data were obtained through a questionnaire interview, patients’ records and of 99 type 2 diabetes patients and 95 healthy individuals. RESULTS: Family history and obesity were risk factors for diabetes. The mean age at diagnosis was 41.7±8.1 years. Fifty five (55.6%) patients had diabetes since d”5 years. Distribution of diagnosed diabetic complications was low. Micro- and macroalbuminuria in controls and patients (8.4 v 22.2% and 9.5 v 22.2%, respectively) were associated with diabetes (÷2=7.06, P=0.007 and ÷2=5.87, P=0.015, respectively). HbA1c% was significantly higher in diabetics (6.93+1.22 v 5.36+0.57, p<0.001). Serum urea and creatinine were significantly decreased in diabetics than controls (mean=23.5±6.9 v 27.2±7.4 and 0.49±0.15 v 0.58±0.14, % differences=13.6 and 15.5, respectively, p=0.000). Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) was increased in diabetics (136.9±38.7 v 117.4±23.5, % difference=16.6, p=0.001). Cholesterol, triglycerides and low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDLC) were significantly higher in diabetics (207.6±36.5, 184.1±104.5 and 124.6±32.9) than controls (181.2±39.1, 139.8±76.1 and 102.2±37.4) with % differences of 14.6, 31.7 and 21.9%, respectively, p<0.001. In contrast, high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDLC) was significantly lower in diabetics (42.6±7.8 v 48.2±5.7, % difference=11.6 and p<0.001). CONCLUSIONS: Diabetes was associated with family history, obesity and micro- or macroalbuminuria. HbA1c%, ALP, cholesterol, triglycerides and LDLC were higher in diabetics than controls. In contrast, urea, creatinine and HDLC were lower in diabetics. 

Keywords: Clinical and Biochemical Features, Gaza Strip, Type 2 Diabetes, Lipids, albuminuria, Family history, complications.
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