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Effect of Aloe Vera Gel Extract on Cadmium-Induced High Blood Pressure

JC Isirima
I Siminialayi


This study investigated the anti-hypertensive effect of Aloe vera gel extract in cadmium sulphate-induced hypertensive rats. Forty rats were divided into 8 groups of 5 animals each, to study the protective effects of Aloe vera against cadmium-induced hypertension. The animals were orally pretreated with 300mg/kg and 600mg/kg of Aloe vera gel extract and captopril (positive control) respectively, daily for 14 days before exposure to cadmium sulphate intraperitoneally for another 14 days. Similarly, to evaluate the comparative blood pressure lowering effects of the Aloe vera extract and captopril, the animals were first exposed to cadmium sulphate and later treated orally with Aloe vera gel extract and captopril respectively, daily, for 14 days. The results indicated that unlike the captopril pretreatment, Aloe vera pre-treatment with, 300mg/kg and 600mg/kg of prevented cadmium-induced hypertension. Treatment of cadmium induced hypertensive rats with 300mg/kg and 600mg/kg of Aloe vera gel extract, significantly lowered blood pressure (p< 0.05) when compared with negative control and captopril treated rats. The blood pressure of hypertensive rats treated with 600mg/kg of the extract was restored to normal levels by the 28th day of treatment. Aloe vera gel extract, in the two doses administered caused a significant (pd”0.001) blunting of and reversal of the hypertensive effect of cadmium sulphate. The higher dose of 600mg/kg/day was however more effective in this regard.

Keywords: Cadmium, Aloe vera, captopril, hypertension