Scintigraphic analysis of thyroid diseases at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria

  • MA Aweda
  • AT Ajekigbe
  • IO Olorunnisomo


This paper presents a retrospective analysis of randomly selected clinical scintigraphic records at the College of Medicine/Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. Out of the 436 patients scanned for various thyroid abnormalities, 266 (61.0%) were used for the analysis due to insufficient data and parameters required for the analysis in the clinical records. Among these 266 cases selected, euthyroidism showed the highest incidence of 123 (46.2%). This was followed by hyperthyroidism 103 (38.7%) and hypothyroidism 40 (15.1%). Of the 103 hyperthyroidism studied, thyrotoxicosis was noted in 82 cases (79.6%). Grave's disease was found in 11 (10.7%) and Nodular goitre in 10 (9.7%).

West African Journal of Radiology Vol. 13(1) 2006: 33-40

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eISSN: 1115-3474