Length-weight relationship of selected teleost fishes from Kilifi County, Kenya

  • Julia A. Obuya University of Nairobi
  • Dorcus A.O. Sigana University of Nairobi
  • Virginia Wang'ondu University of Nairobi
  • Nina Wambiji Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute
  • Harrison O. Ong'anda Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute
  • Boaz Orembo
Keywords: Length, weight, teleost, Kilifi, condition factor


Sustainable exploitation of fishery resources requires knowledge of the population dynamics of the target resources. Length-weight relationship and relative condition parameters were determined for nine teleost fish species, Calotomus carolinus (Valenciennes, 1835), Decapterus macrosoma (Bleeker, 1851), Lethrinus nebulosus (Forsskal, 1775), Lethrinus harak (Forsskal, 1775), Lutjanus fulviflamma (Forsskal, 1775), Rastrelliger kanagurta (Cuvier, 1816), Sargocenton caudimaculatus (Ruppel, 1838), Scomberoides tol (Cuvier 1832) and Siganus sutor (Valenciennes, 1835). The fish were randomly collected from artisanal fishers who operated gears such as gill nets, spearguns and basket traps at three landing sites in Kilifi County between February and April 2017. The linear regression revealed a positive relationship between total length and body weight in all the fish sampled. The t-test calculated on b for most species revealed no significant deviations from the expected cube value of three, except for L. nebulosus (t=0.340, p<0.05), R. kanagurta (t=1.321, p<0.05) and S. sutor (t=0.961, p<0.05). These fish populations are healthy as shown by a relative condition factor above 1 in all species, suggesting that the nutritional requirements are available in the ecosystem, and that the Kilifi coral reefs have thus not been degraded. 

Author Biographies

Julia A. Obuya, University of Nairobi
A student at the Department of Biological Sciences- University of Nairobi,  undertaking MS.c Marine Biodiversity Conservation and Fisheries Management.
Dorcus A.O. Sigana, University of Nairobi


School of Biological studies, 

The University of Nairobi.

Virginia Wang'ondu, University of Nairobi


School of Biological Sciences

University of Nairobi

Nina Wambiji, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute

Senior researcher,

Department of Fisheries


Harrison O. Ong'anda, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute
GIS and Remote Sensing Expert

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eISSN: 0856-860X
print ISSN: 0856-860X