Reproductive Biology of Gerres Oyena (Pisces: Gerreidae) Along the Bagamoyo Coast, Tanzania

  • H.A Lamtane
  • H.B Pratap
  • S.M.G Ndaro
Keywords: Fecundity, Gerres oyena, Gerreidae, spawning


The reproductive biology of Gerres oyena (Forskal, 1775) (Gerreidae) along the Bagamoyo coast was studied from January to December 1999 using samples from monthly commercial catches. Size at first maturity was 12.8 and 13.9 cm TL for males and females respectively. The sex ratio was found to be 0.98:1 (m:f) and was not significantly different from 1:1. G. oyena spawns throughout the year with two peaks: one in March and the other between October and December, which coincide with the northeast monsoon. Ova-diameter frequency distributions indicated that G. oyena is a multiple spawner. They may spawn in three successive batches within the same prolonged spawning season. On an average, the numbers of mature ova produced were 148,138 per fish. For management purposes, a focus should be on the size of maturation relative to length-body depth or capture size. This would reduce harvesting of pre-reproductive individuals.

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eISSN: 0856-860X
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