Dimensioning of aerated submerged fixed bed biofilm reactors based on a mathematical biofilm model applied to petrochemical wastewater – the link between theory and practice

  • K Trojanowicz
  • W Wójcik
Keywords: Biofilm modelling, petrochemical wastewater, biofilm reactors


The description of a biofilm mathematical model application for dimensioning an aerated fixed bed biofilm reactor (ASFBBR) for petrochemical wastewater polishing is presented. A simple one-dimensional model of biofilm, developed by P Harremöes, was chosen for this purpose. The model was calibrated and verified under conditions of oil-refinery effluent. The results of ASFBBR dimensioning on the basis of the biofilm model were compared with the bioreactor dimensions determined by application of load-based design rules for these systems (ATV standards). The differences resulting from two different approaches to ASFBBR design are analysed and discussed. The efficiency of the ASFBBR bioreactors, designed in two different ways, are then compared during dynamic simulation utilising the most advanced one-dimensional biofilm model developed by Wanner and Reichert (1996).

Keywords: Biofilm modelling; petrochemical wastewater; biofilm reactors


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eISSN: 0378-4738