Circulation induced by diffused aeration in a shallow lake

  • Arthur JA Toné
  • Carlos HA Pacheco
  • Iran E Lima Neto
Keywords: aeration, algae migration, bubbles, jets, plumes


Field surveys were carried out to investigate the surface jet flows and the resulting circulation patterns generated by diffused aeration in a shallow lake. In conrast to previous studies, the experimental conditions included point-source bubble plumes with very high air flow rates (100–400 L/min) relative to the shallow water depth (1.5 m). The results indicate that the surface jet velocity can be described by linear profiles. The decay of this velocity with distance displayed a similar behaviour to that reported in the literature, but the surface jet spread much faster under the present conditions. Combining our results with published data allowed for the generation of dimensionless correlations for the velocity and depth of the surface jet. A good agreement between the total circulation flow rates predicted by using the proposed correlations and integral modelling was also obtained. Lastly, a simple returning flow model was proposed to describe the circulation flow patterns induced by the bubble plumes. The results were also applied to assess the impact of circulation on vertical algae migration, which is important for water quality management.

Keywords: aeration, algae migration, bubbles, jets, plumes


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eISSN: 0378-4738