The application of geographic information systems (GIS) in the analysis of nutrient loadings from an agro-rural catchment

  • S. Mtetwa
  • S. Kusangaya
  • C.F. Schutte


A large amount of data is usually generated during environmental monitoring programmes. The data need to be transformed into useful information that can be used for interpretation and analysis of problems. This paper outlines the feasibility of using geographic information system (GIS) techniques in the analysis of catchment nutrient yields with the aim of providing a knowledge base for effective decision-making. In this case the spatial and temporal distributions of the nutrient yields in the catchment were analysed. Interpolation with the GIS packages (Arc View Version 3.1 and Arc View Spatial Analyst) enabled the estimation of yields in areas without actual measurement thereof.

(WaterSA: 2003 29(2): 189-194)

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0378-4738