The effectiveness of a magnetic physical water treatment device on scaling in domestic hot-water storage tanks

  • C Smith
  • PP Coetzee
  • JP Meyer


In this paper the effectiveness of a permanent magnet for the prevention of scale was investigated. Experiments were conducted on two electrically heated domestic hot-water storage tanks. Ten experiments were conducted, each over a period of 28 d in which 8 000 ℓ of water was heated to 75oC, while the quality of the feed water and mass precipitation of calcium were monitored. In four of the experiments reproducibility was investigated which was found to be good. In the other six experiments the effect of the permanent magnet was evaluated by commuting it between the two storage tanks. It was found that the permanent magnet was effective in suppressing the mass precipitation of scale in all six these experiments.

Water SA Vol.29(3) 2003: 231-236

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eISSN: 0378-4738