Oscillatoria simplicissima: a taxonomical study

  • A Venter
  • A Jordaan
  • AJH Pieterse


Oscillatoria simplicissima is a filamentous blue-green alga that was identified in the Vaal River in South Africa. The magnitude of its blooms causes a decline in water quality as well as problems in extracting and purifying water. This species was classified as Oscillatoria simplicissima under the order Nostocales and the family Oscillatoriaceae due to its simple unbranched trichome without heterocysts and akinetes. However, it was reclassified under the species Microcoleus lyngbyaceaus because of the thick outer walls of its terminal cells. The classification was again changed to Phormidium simplicissimum. Therefore, apart from looking at the ultrastructure of this organism this investigation also tried to unravel the classification of this species.

Water SA Vol.29(1) 2003: 101-104

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eISSN: 0378-4738