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Assessment of the impact of point source pollution from the Keiskammahoek Sewage Treatment Plant on the Keiskamma River - pH, electrical conductivity, oxygen- demanding substance (COD) and nutrients

G Morrison
OS Fatoki
L Persson
A Ekberg


The treatment performance of the Keiskammahoek Sewage Treatment Plant (KSTP), was assessed in terms of pH, conductivity, and COD and nutrients removal from the influent. The contributions from this and other smaller point sources in the town to these parameters in the receiving Keiskamma River were determined by simultaneously monitoring the parameters in the river over a period of about 1 month. The COD and orthophosphate in effluents exceed the SA Effluent Quality Standards for these parameters in effluents to be discharged into a river. Also, significant pollution of the receiving Keiskamma River was indicated for orthophosphate, COD and NH4-N.

WaterSA Vol.27(4) 2001: 475-480