Full-scale ANANOX(R) system performance

  • Gilberto Garuti
  • Andrea Giordano
  • Francesco Pirozzi


This paper reports the results of the first experimental investigations carried out on the only existing full-scale plant that makes use of the biological treatment system known as ANANOX(R). This system was first set up by the Italian research staff at ENEA (Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Environment) and consists of two biological stages in series: a two-section ABR and an anoxic section followed by an activated sludge process. The investigation aimed primarily to assess system performance under uncontrolled load conditions. In particular, system efficiency was assessed with regard to carbonaceous and nitrogen compounds in the anaerobic and anoxic phases, and the role of sulphides in the denitrification process was examined.

The results obtained show the system's ability to ensure efficiency levels that comply with stringent effluent regulations while also allowing considerable savings in running costs.

WaterSA Vol.27(2) 2001: 189-198

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eISSN: 0378-4738