Studies on groundwater recharge through surface drains

  • S Singh
  • MP Kaushal
  • SD Khepar
  • M Siag
  • A Yadav


A mathematical model is developed for the estimation of groundwater recharge through surface drains for both free flow as well as detained flow conditions. The Dupuit-Forchheimmer equation is solved using the Crank-Nicolson central finite difference scheme, to obtain the mound height matrix. The Gaussian elimination method was used to solve the matrix, to obtain the mound height at different radial distances across the drain. Various hydrogeological parameters like hydraulic conductivity, specific yield, etc. are determined by field investigations. Surface runoff available due to a particular rainfall event is correlated with recharge rate available in the drain. The model gives volume of water recharged for various rainfall events under different antecedent moisture conditions for both free flow and detained flow conditions. The value of recharge rate computed by using the model for a particular depth of flow in the drain is matched with the observed values. The model is more sensitive to change in the value of specific yield than hydraulic conductivity.

Water SA Vol. 31 (2) 2005: pp.151-156

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0378-4738