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Technical note: River modelling to infer flood management framework

DYS Mah, CP Hii, FJ Putuhena, SH Lai


River hydraulic models have successfully identified the weaknesses and areas for improvement with respect to flooding in the Sarawak River system, and can also be used to support decisions on flood management measures. Often, the big question is ‘how’. This paper demonstrates a theoretical flood management framework inferred from Sarawak River modelling outputs. The river model simulates the movement of flood waters through river reaches. Information on flood levels and overtopping of embankments is used to guide a flood early warning system. The above-mentioned elements were combined in a logical framework that showed logic sequences and impact indicators for improved flood relief activities in the city of Kuching, Malaysia.

Keywords: Flood, framework, InfoWorks RS, logframe, river modelling
AJOL African Journals Online