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Options for the recovery of <i>Warburgia salutaris</i> (Pepperbark tree) populations in Zimbabwe

A. Maroyi


The "Pepperbark" tree, Warburgia salutaris (Bertol. f.) Chiov., is a small to medium tree (5 - 10 m) facing a high risk of extinction in the wild. It is now a critically endangered species in Zimbabwe. It has undergone a considerable decline throughout its natural habitat (range) in Zimbabwe mainly due to over-exploitation for medicinal purposes. Any part of the plant can be used for treating various ailments, fetching a very high price on the market. A full botanical description, of the species, its significance for economic use, past distribution and historical background are discussed in this paper. The options available for its cultivation and successful reintroduction to its historic range are described.

The Zimbabwe Science News Volume 34 Number 3&4, December 2000, pp. 54-60

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eISSN: 1016-1503