Compound oblique distal diaphyseal tibiotarsal fracture in a 5 year old peacock

  • R.A. Ajadi
  • F.E. Ojeblenu
  • M.T. Onadeji
  • F.E. Sobayo
  • O.S. Aduloju
  • O.M. Nasir


A five year old peacock presented with complete lameness of the right hind limb was diagnosed of having a compound oblique comminuted fracture of distal one-third of right tibiotarsal bone based on radiographic findings. The fracture was first managed with plaster cast device. However, the bird was presented three weeks later due to lamness on the same leg. Open reduction and internal fixation with a bone plate was done. The bird was premedicated with intramuscular injection of butorphanol (0.5mg/kg) and Xylazine (2mg/kg), while general anaesthesia was induced and maintained with midazolam (0.3mg/kg) and Ketamine (5mg/kg) intramuscularly. Following open reduction, the fracture was reduced and immobilized with improvised paediatric reconstruction plate. Post reduction radiograph revealed adequate reduction and proper implant position. The fracture healed without any complication. Although materials used for canine practice could be adapted for use in birds, the smaller size of some avian patients is a major limitation.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1016-1511