Management of maxillofacial osteosarcomas in Kenya

  • Symon Guthua
  • Martin Kamau
  • Nicholas Abinya
Keywords: Maxillofacial osteosarcomas, Management protocol, Kenya


Background: Though not common, maxillofacial osteosarcomas present a unique challenge in management due to a multitude of factors, such as difficulty in diagnosis and local complex anatomy, making surgical excision difficult as well as debate necessary on the usefulness of adjunct treatment modalities, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Nonetheless, osteosarcomas are a significant health burden because of their high morbidity and mortality.

Method: Retrospective cross-sectional study of records archived in the School of Dental Sciences, University of Nairobi. Results: 25 cases of maxillofacial sarcomas were seen over 26 years. Mean age of occurrence was 35.68 years with a preponderance for females (17 cases). The mandible was the most affected site, accounting for 18 cases.

Discussion: The management of maxillofacial sarcomas in our setting presents significant challenges arising from multiple factors such as lack of standardised treatment protocol, late presentation of patients, diagnostic challenges and loss to follow-up.

Keywords: Maxillofacial osteosarcomas, Management protocol, Kenya


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eISSN: 2523-0816
print ISSN: 1999-9674