Microsurgical Penile Replantation: Case Report

  • Aluora Kenneth
  • Khainga Stanley
  • Nang’ole Ferdinand
  • Ikol James
  • Were Andrew
  • Gathariki Mukami
  • Ajujo Martin
  • alungo Nang’andu


Penile replantation is uncommon, with most data being case reports or case series. In our setting, replantation is fairly new despite penile amputations being common as a result of marital disputes and assault. Replantation remains the most ideal option for managing these cases. We present a case of penile replantation in a 17-year-old male after traumatic amputation following an assault. Some of the challenges we encountered included loss of skin and the glans with formation of a hypospadias. Nevertheless, the outcome was satisfactory with return of sensation and erection.

Case Report

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2523-0816
print ISSN: 1999-9674