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Audit of prophylactic antibiotic use in orthopaedic surgery in Mulago Hospital

JWM Kigera, C Turyakira


Background: Prophylactic antibiotics are entrenched in implant orthopaedic surgery. We conducted a study to determine the use of prophylactic antibiotics in clean implant orthopaedic surgery in Mulago hospital.
Methods: We prospectively recruited patients undergoing ORIF, Athroplasty and Foot and Ankle surgery. We obtained information on antibiotic use and observed surgeries to determine the timing of administration.
Results: Antibiotics were not used in 17.3% of patients and over half of the patients received the antibiotic after the skin incision had been made. The antibiotics were administered about 11 minutes from incision.
Conclusion: Majority of patients either did not receive antibiotics or received them after the skin incision had been made. The use of a third generation cephalosporin may be associated with increased complications and drug resistance. Antibiotic prophylaxis is in variance with literature and may result in adverse outcomes.

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