The Moral Implications of Cyberbullying Vis-À-Vis Parental Concerns

  • Benson Peter Irabor
  • Ikechukwu Monday Osebor


Bullying has been deep-seated in human society since its conception. With the development and increase of social networking sites, online activity and  messaging apps, bullying has been transposed into cyberspace. Social media has allowed this problem to expand and become more elusive; increase in  the use of alcohol and drugs to overcome depression and frustration, school skipping, lack of concentration in classrooms, poor grades, low self-esteem,  as well as poor emotional and social adjustment among kids. This study attempts to examine the impacts of cyberbullying on emotional health,  academic-wellbeing, self-esteem, and selfconfidence. Interestingly, this paper was carried out to understand the moral implications of cyberbullying and  to proffer solutions. Considering the consequences/impacts of cyber-bullying, this study highlights the roles of parents, educators, and law enforcement  agencies in combating the crime of cyber-bullying among teens and anyone who is a victim of cyber-bullying. The study concludes with the role of moral  education in helping students to develop good character and positive worldview as well as learn how to manage their anger, frustrations and other  negative tendencies that lure them into cyberbullying activities. 


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2795-3726
print ISSN: 0795-1639