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Mandibular molar crown-topography, a biological predisposing factor to development of caries – a post-mortem analysis of 2,500 extracted lower permanent molars at the dental centre, University of Benin teaching hospital

IU Madukwe


The mandible molars are the biggest in the human mandibular arch. This study revealed susceptibility of different molar surface. A total of 2500 lower permanent molar teeth extracted and collected for teaching of oral biology were analyzed for caries attack. This number yielded a study crown surface area of 12,500 (5 crown surface per tooth). The result showed medical surface attack 1,572 (12.57%), distol surface attack 1,528 (12.22%) buccal surface attack 926 (7.40%), lingual surface attack 59 (0.47%) occlusal surface attack 6540 (52.32%). 1875 (15%) surface were unaffected. This studies will guide preventive health policies as regards clinical projections and management of carious attack in communities.

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eISSN: 1596-6569